Final post

Greetings my fellow course mates , 
first of all , I would love to send my thanks for all who are in charge of this course , thank you for giving us the opportunity to be a part of such a thing . 
It was an amazing experience , from the beginning to the end . 
when I first join this course I had no idea what to expect from it , what am I going to learn I asked my self ! All I knew that it was going to be a new way to learn bout something that I believed it was important which is ethics . 
From empathy , morality , equality to torture and euthanasia , I found my self talking and thinking about subjects that have never crossed my mind .
 from empathy I learned how and when to use my feelings , and how can they effect my patients results , from morality and ethics now I can tell the difference between what should be done ethically and what I think should be done morally , equality , now that is a subject that opened my eyes for new areas of discrimination that have been evolved recently , we even discriminate between a working mom and a stay at home mom ! Come on ! Is that the world that any body wants to live in ! 
torture let me say that it is just bad ! Euthanasia on the other hand was a subject that really tortured me , mentally I mean , I found my self obliged to think outside the box for a while and to put my self in the other person shoe , I tried to understand why would a person consider that choice and I ended up not totally agreeing but respecting that decision . 
From week one to the end of week five I liked how the topics correlated to each other , in a way that I could not think of one without considering the other . 
I loved how my colleagues was discussing in their blogs , although I haven’t been a good participant in those discussions but I read them and enjoyed the way they were replying to each other , hearing what the other person want to say and then responding ,  this is the meaning of a civilized conversations . 
It is not only ethics that I learned about from this course , it was a real eye opening experience that taught me to think widely and diversely , to ask stupid questions sometime , how to present my thoughts and how to search for evidence to support what I’m saying .  
Now how will this course affect my practice , I don’t know actually , all I know is that I’ll try my best to be the professional ethical therapist my patients need and asked god to direct me to what is good for them . 
Again , many thanks to all of you for allowing me to be a part of a lightning experience , I hope the best for you all , be happy and never do something that you might regret doing . 
Love you all . 
Peace . 




Will this subject was really a dilemma for me , I asked a lot of people about their opinion in this matter I tried  really hard not to look at this from a religious point of view and finally here it is my opinion about euthanasia . 

Working in the hospital gave me the chance of dealing with a lot of DNR cases , from pediatrics to geriatrics , I haven’t been emotionally involved in geriatrics but for pediatrics patients , boy I was so furious , it made me so mad to know that the parents of those children have become so depressed from their children that they made that choice of not giving them a life or even fight for it , what made it even worse is that not only they decided to not resuscitate their children but they didn’t even want to be a part of their remaining days ! babies left at the hospital since the day they were born without knowing or feeling the meaning of  mom and dad love ! Forgetting that they were the reason this children were existed in the firs place ! I mean you people now that you have a family history of hereditary diseases , you think that they would care not to get pregnant or so , No they have sex , they get pregnant , they have disabled children , they put them in a hospital , sign a DNR paper and go to make another one ! 
For me DNR is the same as euthanasia , in both cases a life is going to end and no one can help . 
It is OK to do that , but please don’t do it out of depression , to make such a decision people should really consider all the options they have and the Consequences of each choice , hospitals though should really care about the patients and families of patients who have reached a serious point of their disease , they should provide the proper education about the cases , and provide the best social and psychological support . Just to make it a guilt free decision  . 
You should have the right to end your life , just don’t let others suffer from your choice . 


Torture is the act of deliberately inflicting severe physical pain and possibly injury to a person (or animal) who is physically restrained or otherwise under the torturer’s control or custody, unable to defend against what is being done to them. (Wikipedia)
Seeing those massacres around the world from Egypt to Syria and Borma to the historical massacres that happened When Hetler was a live . 
Let us take a living example of one torturer , Bashar AlAsad the president of Syria , one have tortured thousands and thousand of the innocent souls of men women and children , from killing to , sexual harassment to physical and mental torture , someone who was killing children in front of theirs parents eyes , and for what ? 
Now someone like Bashar , when he is down and by God willing that will be very soon ,Would it be OK to torture him ? For me , torture is never the answer . Or else how could we say that we are anything different than him ! Imagine him having any medical condition , should we hold medical service for him because of his crimes ! As health care providers it is our duty to give this care for whoever needs it ! Isn’t that what we said when we were talking about morals and ethics and equality, that we should treat a person without looking in to his or her personal life and history ! Will that is a Dilemma for sure between right and wrong  .
An eye for an eye concept , now this is something that I strongly believe in 
, it is in our holy book Quran that is an Eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, and wounds are retaliated . And no , that doesn’t mean a man who killed another intentionally should have the same punishment as a man who killed another by mistake . There is Law that in many countries is based on what people think is right , or other countries as mine , where law is based on  people religion and by law any torturer should receive their punishment . 


Talking about racism huh ! I’m a Muslim girl and I wear a vale and i cover my face using Niqab . First thing any foreigner thinks about me is that I’m a poor girl ! and that I’ve been living in a man society ! Where i am being oppressed by men of my own Flesh and blood that i even can not breath normally with this thing over my face ! One time I was traveling  and I met American people who kept asking why are you wearing this ? I welcome the questions and love to answer it , but when they asked me Can we take a picture of you in your vale ! Like I’m a weird item they should take a picture of so they can show And tell about later ! Come on !! I’m a human too. Why is it OK for a nun to cover her hair and not me ! Why do you think I’m being forced to do that ? Why do you think that this is unfair to me ?
Ask me and I’ll tell why I’m wearing it ! Don’t just assume things ! Don’t go around the world asking for my human rights ! It is my right to believe in what ever I want , my right to wear what ever I want , your words and thought are so racist .It hurts me .
When Islam firs appeared it called for equality between all man kinds , prophet Mohammed peace be upon him said “O mankind, your Lord is One and your father is one. You all descended from Aadam, and Aadam was created from earth. He is most honored among you in the sight of God who is most upright. No Arab is superior to a non-Arab, no colored person to a white person, or a white person to a colored person except by Taqwa (piety).” .
Islam gave women’s all their rights , to live , to study , to work  ,to choose her husband , Islam gave her rights in all her life stages , when she is some one daughter or sister or even a wife or a mother or a grand mother . It gave her a role in the house and society it even trusted that a man who took good care and raised a girl properly that he will go to heaven . All that and you people think that I’m being oppressed ! I’m not saying that all Muslim men do the same and give every woman her rights . There are men who treats women badly , but they are every where , they could be in any country and follow any other religion . The idea is not to generalize and think bad thoughts about Muslims and Islam . And please if you have any question about any thing in Islam or any thing Muslim do just ask us , and we will be more than glad to answer you . We know that you’ve might been misinformed by the media , it is OK , just don’t act all weird whenever you see a man with a long beard or a women covering her head or face , we are normal people , I promise !
Now regarding equality in providing health care services , it is the patient right to be taking care of no matter what was his color , gender , race , nationality , and religion . Though how fancy the service is depends about wither you are in a governmental hospital and being treated for free or if you are paying in a privet hospital and what degree is that hospital . For me as a physiotherapist I don’t believe that treating a VIP patient should be any different from treating any person , I’ll just do my best in each and every case , and I ask god that I won’t in-justify or differentiate between my patients . It is people health we are talking about and it’s a shame if we think that we should discriminate in providing our service .

further readings about equality in Islam:

What is morality ?



“So far, about morals, I know only that what is moral is what you feel good after and what is immoral is what you feel bad after.” ― Ernest HemingwayDeath in the Afternoon

do you remember that episode of Grey’s Anatomy where Dr,Cristina Yang was rushing to the ER to help treating a man who i think was having a cardiac problem , and when the man saw Cristina he told her no thanks i dont need you to treat me , he was really raises  with her , so she left him , but after all Dr.Bayle her supervisor told her that no matter what Cristina have to treat the patient . you are a doctor you have to do what is right , you do not choose those who you will treat .

This where i first learned about ethics , wither you like it or not there are certain rules you should follow when you choose to do certain professions , you may not agree with it , and it might be the oppisite of all what you belive in but guess what ! you have to do it .

Ethics “as defined in Wikipedia, is a branch of philosophy that involves systematizing, defending and recommending concepts of right and wrong conduct . some references include that these concepts are usually forced by an external source  e,g. upper management . But ethics is not the only source for right and wrong , morals  is the way you can differentiate between right and wrong by your own standards , that you have reached to and that might be effective by your culture ,religion , beliefs , life experiences , how you’ve been raised by your parents and the environment you live in .

The question here is how morals and ethics relate to my profession ?

will , for ethics , we all as a practitioners should follow the rules, policies and procedure that is standardizes in our hospital , country ….etc. morality though appears when you reach to a point that is not mentioned in the standards you follow , for example , in a situation where the patient believe that an evil eye is the cause of his condition and that is something that you couldn’t treat ! you can educate your patient as much as possible , but sometimes no matter what you or anyone say to the patients they only believe what they think is right . what can you do in this situation other than either to dismiss the patient if he\she asked you to do so or if not , you will just give the session with no passion or “empathy” if we might say so .

To be moral ,means that you are already ethical , but being ethical , dose not make you moral .

“Compassion is the basis of morality.” 
― Arthur Schopenhauer


Empathy , conclusions from my readings


After looking in the first week learning stimulus and reading a few posts written by my colleagues in the course ,i started to question my self , what is empathy for real ? how can a person be an empathetic one ? is being an empathetic a good or a bad thing ? and how dose this empathy relate to my work as a physiotherapist ?!

starting with the term “empathy” how can we define it ?

looking through different resources i can say that it is a complicated term , that has no clear  definition . i can summarize all the definitions I’ve read as the following , 

Empathy : is the act of ” imagining ” and feeling what others might feel .

Yes i say imagine , because you can not feel something unless you have either experienced it or imagined how you might feel if you have experienced it. i.e. put yourself in the other person shoes .Image

Moving to how can a person be an empathetic one ? and is being an empathetic a good or a bad thing ?

This is all a subjective matter , in my opinion one can not simply be empathetic , this is something you should be born and grow up with , something you are encouraged not forced to act .the difference between the two is that when you encourage an act it my gradually become a personal habit , a part of who you are , but when you force it will lose its meaning and become fake.



 is being empathetic good or bad ,that depends on how much you get involved and how is this affecting your objective judgment , which is a subjective measure unfortunately ! so you have to take care not to drag your self to much over there .



Moving to what is more important to me, knowing how dose empathy relate to my work as a physiotherapist ?

will we are humans first physiotherapists second  , and communication is an integral part of our lives , with communicating feeling arrives . we as a physiotherapists may spend the most amount of time with the patients comparing to other members of the health care team . with this amount of time any type of relations may happen .

i remember when they started to teach us back in school about patients interviews , first of all you have to introduce your self to your patient (begin the relation) , ask him\her how can you help them ? (listen and interact ) , find your patients problem and goals (diagnose and discuss) , make a plan (be the therapist ).

you can not treat  patients if you did not gain their trust , and the only way they can trust you is that they see the human in you , and see that you are respecting them , and that you  can feel their pain , and that you will try your best to help them and most important is that you care about them  , in this ladies and gentlemen the true meaning of empathy reveals .